Battleship USS Iowa BB-61

Experience the incredible magic of history on a self-guided tour with your family aboard the Battle Ship Iowa. Parked dockside off the Pacific Ocean at the Los Angeles Waterfront, this old ship is an American icon with an important past. Ordered in 1939, and built in 1940, USS Iowa BB-61 comes from a prestigious line of a special class of ships. the USS Iowa BB-61 was the fourth and present ship of the Iowa line, and the first battleship conceived of a large class of battleships during its time. Naval architects and marines worked together in designing the massive battleship in the 1930s. Iowa class battleships have a long history beginning with the first Iowa- an 1864 gunship; Iowa class battleships were involved in every conflict from the Spanish American War, WWII, and conflicts up to and including participation in the first Gulf War.

USS Iowa BB-61 was first commissioned on February 22, 1943, the ship served the United States for nearly 50 years before retiring. Receiving the title of World’s Greatest Battleship, and also known as the Battleship of Presidents. The modern USS Iowa was to be respected for her remarkable size, technology, large guns, serious armor, impressive speed, and superior longevity and flexibility. This battleship has fought plenty of battles as it has been a part of every conflict since its first commission, it also has served Internationally for humanitarian efforts. An important battleship in WWII, she additionally served as a flagship carrying onboard the United States President Roosevelt in 1943. The USS Iowa BB-61 is the only naval ship on record to have ever had a bathtub installed for a President’s convenience. More than any other battleship in United States History, USS Iowa has served many times as a Presidential host. The career of the USS Iowa-BB61 ended shortly after a tragic incident during a time of post-war peace.
April 19, 1989, during a routine training exercise 47 naval sailors were killed by an explosion from Turret 2 Gunroom. The USS Iowa was decommissioned in 1990, and in 2001 began its journey to the Pacific undergoing much-needed restoration before finally opening in 2012 as a floating Museum at its permanent home at the Los Angeles Port.

The floating Museum USS Iowa BB-61 has earned many impressive awards for its military service. USS Iowa still serves the United States, offering an authentic and intimate glimpse into American History, provoking a very engaging educational experience as you tour the massive 45,000ton battleship. As you take a tour aboard the USS Iowa, the ship’s generous history exhibits will stimulate the mind, highlighting what life at sea was like aboard this ship for more than 70 years. You will even be able to see the original bathtub that was specially built for President Roosevelt. Throughout your tour, you can enjoy having your picture taken to remember your visit. Finally, this historical battleship Museum features a wonderful gift shop at the end of your tour with some fascinating and unique gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. The USS Iowa regularly hosts community events, and you can even rent it for receptions, weddings, or other special events. If you are visiting the Los Angeles area, you must go aboard the famous battleship for a spectacular adventure for everyone.