The Getty Center

Los Angeles is a large city which boasts many attractions and facilities that demonstrate the arts, and sciences that remain rich within the community. The J. Paul Getty Center is a popular museum that continues to grow its meticulous collection of some of the best art around. Serving a wide variety of tastes and audiences, the Museum’s most distinguished exhibits inspires the curious mind, engages with the creative eye, and encourages understanding by the viewer. The J. Paul Getty Center builds its art collection through donation and purchases, it continues to grow in its mission to art and the historical importance of art. The Museum opened another arm in 2006 at the Getty Villa in Malibu. The Getty Museum Villa has a special interest in the art and culture of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria, and this can be easily seen through its exhibits.

The Getty Center is a Museum that remains active as it continues to feature new ways to engage the community. Through the development of art programs and exhibitions, many people come to appreciate art in a whole new light. The Museum also comes out with new publications and research dedicated to the history and importance of art in the Los Angeles and American cultures. The Getty Center has successfully gained the attention of some of the most diverse audiences to appreciate art from all over the world. The architectural design and features outside, provide an intellectual and natural atmosphere to enhance the experiences of visitors at the Museum.

The Getty Center in Los Angeles showcases some of the most exquisite European paintings, fascinating drawings, detailed and evocative sculptures, incredible manuscripts, as well as other arts with origins that span the globe. The visitors of the Center can appreciate the art conservation efforts, exhibitions, and scholarship programs among  other admirable qualities. More the 44,000 pieces are collected between the two locations, and at least 1200 pieces are displayed for viewing through meticulously designed exhibits at the Getty Museum in Malibu, and the Getty Center Museum in Los Angeles. A popular exhibition on display at the Getty Center is titled, Noir; a prime example of the era of modernism, it is an interesting expression of the creativity within the minds of artists in the modernistic era, mostly a collective of strange black and white concepts, romance, wild imagination, French prints on display, and fascinating gothic drawings from 19th Century. Aside from the exhibitions the Getty Museum also hosts regular events that are open to the public. You can meet and greet or chat with featured artists. Take some time to learn new skills or perspectives through demonstrations and lectures by scholars of the arts. The Getty Museum and Center also support the performing arts through special programs such as theatre and film focused events, and musical forums that inspire the public. The Getty Museum offers many programs for people of all ages to learn and appreciate the historical and cultural aspects of the arts, as well as a modest gift shop with unique treasures to take home.