The Grammy Museum

The Grammy Museum is located in heart of Los Angeles City, it is next to Staples Center in LA Live! A nice little excursion if you are in the Staples/LA Live area. . As soon as you get off the elevator on the 4th floor, you work yourself down to the lobby, you are mesmerized!
Both walls are surrounded by screens that play all the legends in Music. You keep walking and see all people who won the grammy trophies.
The Grammy Museum has booth for each type of music pop, jazz, hiphop, blues and so on.
When you head downstairs there is interactive stage with a guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. There is a DJ area and then exhibits of Michael Jackson’s clothes.
It is amazing to see how detailed their clothing are and well arrange everything is. The Grammy Museum has collection of guests clothing what they wore during the grammys.
They do rotating exhibits of different artists like Michel Jackson, Frank Sinatra and others