Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studio – 9 tips to help you enjoy more

  1. To avoid traffic and paying $15 for parking, try to take subway to universal. There is Red Line station right next to universal. There are free shuttle buses provided by the studio running from subway station to the entrance.
  2. Going during weekdays will save you time, usually it is far less crowded, or buy a Front of the Line pass if you want to see everything in a day.
  3. If you are planning family vacation aim for October, children entry is free of charge. This can save you around $100 per child, only downside it will be more crowded, But again remember Tip 2.
  4. Try to get to the park early, and skip all attraction close to the entrance because most the people will go to the nearest rides in the morning. Walk down to the rides area where you can take the rides like Transformers, Mummy and Jurassic Park.
  5. Don’t throw away the map you were handed at entrance it has show schedules. You can adapt your rides time to the shows. If you don’t have front of the line pass, the line can take long time.
  6. Take the Despicable Me Minion and the Shrek 4D ride at end of the day because people with small kids leave early and lines are much shorter. The better seats are in the middle or the back.
  7. Don’t forget to take Studio Tour, King Kong 360 can be only seen during the ride. The Studio Tour is available in different languages. If you don’t care what are they talking about try to take bus in different language, they usually have shorter or no waiting line. Try to sit in the third cart during the tour, it will have most action and best view.
  8. The Front of the line Pass also allows you to interact with artists and technicians at some shows, this is only included with this pass.