Americans call walking in natural areas hiking.
In other parts of the world it can be known as bushwalking, rambling, trekking, tramping or hill walking.
Before going hiking, to ensure thier safety and enjoyment visitors need to understand some of the unique aspects of Los Angeles environment.

Los Angeles with its diverse climate and landforms is a great county for hiking. However there are some hazards which you need to be aware of before you set out to explore. Do a small research before heading out to any trail.

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Wet season – yes we have sometimes, rarely but still, very heavy rain with flooding and some areas becoming inaccessible. Some trails will be closed during rain. Some of these weather events can be severe and pose a threat to personal safety. At summer temperature in these areas can exceed 100f and almost certainly there will not be any surface water. So bring plenty of water.

Before going for hike, check fire risks through TV, radio or just google it. When camping, use designated fireplaces and comply with warning signs. If you must light a fire, always extinguish it completely with water.

On days of extreme fire danger authorities may close trails or ban any open fire.

There are some wild animals you can potentially meet during your hikes. Including snakes, coyotes and bob cats. Unprovoked, snakes rarely attack humans. Although snakes cannot hear they can detect vibrations in the ground, so walk heavily to encourage them to instinctively flee from your path. If you do encounter a snake in your pathway, do not disturb it.

Finally always tell someone about your planned excursion or route whether you are hiking or driving.

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