The 12 Essentials for nice hike around Los Angeles County

  1. Sunscreen

    If you are not starting your hikes super early, it will get hot outside. Most of the hikes in LA area are not covered. So better to bring some sunscreen with you.
    Here is some I used during hikes Sunscreen Spray

  2. Lip balm

    The mountain and ocean side hikes are always windy, lip balm is need to have item, if you don’t want to have your lips broken.
    Here is some I used during hikes: Beeswax

  3. Sunglasses

    Los Angeles weather is sunny most of the time, the good pair of hiking sunglasses will make hikes more enjoyable
    Here is some I used during hikes: There too many different types of sport glasses you should try them in person before buying them.

  4. First-aid supplies

    Almost everyone will need to use a first aid kit at some time. You can get cuts and blisters during hikes. Make time to prepare hiking kits for your family’s safety. First aid kits may be basic or comprehensive. The second skin is best way to fight with blisters.
    Here is some I used during hikes: First Aid Kit

  5. Waterproof container/ zip begs

    This begs are great from storing fresh cut fruits to your cellphone. You will use more then you think. So buy bigger box.
    Here is some I used during hikes: Ziploc

  6. Knife or multi-tool

    If you like to eat some fresh fruits during hike and share with others, this will be great item to have in your backpack

  7. Jacket / windbreaker

    If you go higher into mountains or start early in the morning it will be windy. Remember wear less and put more layers on later, when you will cold.

  8. T-shirt (layers)

    Keep some t-shirts in the car or backpack, when you are done with hiking you will want to take of your sweaty clothes and put something fresh

  9. Hiking shoes and woolen socks

    Best way to enjoy any hike is in comfortable shoes. If you are planning to hike longer then an hour you better put on woolen socks even in summer. This will make your feet drier and hike more enjoyable.

  10. Hats

    Some people hate hats some people love them. This will be great protection from sun or rain.

  11. Hiking backpack

    Make sure to pick correct backpack so it will not heart your back during hikes. You are going to carry lots of stuff inside and good backpack will make big difference.
    This small backpack is good for 1-2 hours hikes

  12. Water bottles or hydration system

    Carry at least 0.5 l water per 1.5 miles hike, keep hydrated all the time