Norton Simon Museum

If you are interesting in viewing an amazing collection of authentic European art, from the Renaissance into the twentieth century, plus Asian and Southern art which encompasses more than two thousand years, the Norton Simon Museum is the place to go. It is renown as one of the most impressive art galleries internationally. The Gallery features Brachini Madonna, and Madonna and Child with Book. You can also view famed pieces of Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Picasso.  The Asian Art Collection boasts the sculptures of ancient India, and Nepal.

The Norton Simon Museum was formerly known as the Pasadena Art Museum. Norton Simon took it over in 1974, and the PAM art collection was incorporated into the Norton Simon Collection.  The Museum today features more than twelve thousand art pieces through its Norton Simon Foundation with at least one-thousand, of those works belonging to its permanent collection. It now boasts a modest theatre which will often host lectures, show talented performing musical artists, and feature programs such as films and more.

The building is quite unconventional but blends well with its surroundings, flowing well with its scenery, it incorporates its sophisticated design into the showcases and exhibits. An experience that is unique and exquisite to its guests. Architects Ladd, and Kelsey were hired to complete the building which opened to the community in 1969. The idea for the design of the building was to keep in line with its residential surroundings. The museum underwent renovations during the late 1990s with Frank Gehry and architect Greg Walsh. This opened the museum up more, and added natural lighting with its new higher ceilings and sky-lights. The newly laid French limestone enhances the viewer experience instead of the previous parquet flooring. As you tour the museum today, the Asian gallery walls feature a red special, Indian sand-stone. The once simple auditorium underwent renovation also and reopened in 2000. It now seats more than three hundred guests in its dramatic but elegantly designed theatre. Another special feature of the Norton Simon Museum is also the spiral staircase which was added during the renovation in the 90s.

Enjoy the sculpture garden at the museum, with beautiful focus on a pond in the center, it is decorated with a variety of plants and flowers. The detailed landscaping and lush green grass is the perfect place to sit and reflect while taking in the stunning sculptures around you. A romantic setting for some quite time, or a place for children to share in the delights of the scene. Walk along the pathways, or relax in the greens. The sculpture garden is just one of the many dazzling features of Norton Simon museum.

This beautiful facility and art museum also offers at least six free public art programs per month. These programs can vary from art education workshops for adults, musical performances, dance programs, art focused lectures, talks with artists, and fun filled workshops for children. With a wide variety of authentic and renown arts from the earliest centuries to contemporary and modernist styles, you can enjoy the Norton Simon with membership or a $12 admission pass. If you are in the area, this museum is a gem which individuals and families alike to appreciate.