Point Vicente Interpretive Center

The Pointe Vicente Interpretive Center is an excellent place to stop and relax alone or with family. This place is great for whales and dolphins watching, or just watch the ocean.

Interpretive Center
Located in the Interpretive Center, you will find a small museum and gift shop indoors. This small educational center is great place to stop by before heading to whale watching.


Whale Watching.
If you are interested in spotting some whales during the season December through May,
The Pointe Vicente Interpretive Center is place to be. During the season 100s of whales come to area, even the American Cetacean Society of America has volunteer counting of Gray Whale Migration. Around 20,000 Gray Whales Migrate from Alaska to Mexico and back North to Alaska each year, and some of this animals can be located here.

On the second Saturday of each month from 10 am to 3 pm the Lighthouse is opened for viewing. This place has great view of ocean and whole area. If you never been in lighthouse this will be great place to start.