San Gabriel River Discovery Center

The San Gabriel River Discovery Center is/will be educational center devoted to provide outdoor learning experience to many local students and anyone who want to learn about nature and San Gabriel River Watershed. The San Gabriel River Discovery Center teaches how important is to protect the water.


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The Discovery Center will present the story of the San Gabriel River watershed, emphasize the importance of water resources and the natural values of the watershed, and provide educational and outdoor experiences for people of all ages. The Center will also continue the cultural, natural history and ecosystems messages; and outdoor experiences presented by the L. A. County Department of Parks and Recreation at the existing Nature Center. The following statements will guide the Authority in its development of the Center.

Mission Statement

To inspire environmental stewardship by providing accessible and engaging watershed and environmental education to the public.

Vision Statement

We envision a healthy and vibrant natural area and center where people gain the knowledge and desire to improve the San Gabriel River region.