The City of Covina is located in the San Gabriel Valley was founded in 1882. This small town of about seven miles is settled right outside of Los Angeles, California. You will find it convenient to many freeways and the State Route of 57. It has a population of about fifty thousand and is known as one of the smallest cities in California and United States of America. With it’s historical old-time feel the down area of Covina as a special experience for the whole family. Take a stroll through the heart of Covina and experience its variety of cultural shops. Of relax at one of the fine dining restaurants and unique café’s located through the city. Get a little nostalgia with walking through its vintage themed clothing shops, or antique malls. Chill out with some family ice cream time at one of the special creamery shops.

Covina also contains a newly renovated Performing Arts Center. The Covina Performing Arts Center is million-dollar facility which is the city’s primary source of entertainment located in downtown Covina. Residents and tourists alike can gather together in downtown to participate in the special events and charity programs. Even a small town can have museums. Covina actually has two. The Historical Society in Covina operates them. The Historic Heritage house stands at Covina Park and off Badillo Street. Enjoy touring the city’s vibrant history as you visit Covina. The popular Firehouse-jail museum, constructed in 1911 was originally home of the Covina’s first jail and firehouse. Now it is a museum whose galleries contain detailed historical and cultural documents, artifacts and local art. Take a tour through this museum and even have your picture taken in the single historical jail cell during your visit. City Hall also features an exhibition of the vintage years in Covina. This photographic showcase displays a detailed look at the history of Covina from the 1840s through 1950.  You can view this rare exhibit through a self-guided tour of City Hall, which is open to the public and visitors during regular hours.

If you like books, you can visit the old Covina library which was founded in 1897. This family friendly place provides a generous collection of literature, books, and history for adults and children to explore and enjoy. The Covina library also hosts several programs and events geared towards supporting the history of Covina, and enriching the community’s literacy arts. If you enjoy parks, Covina also offers some excellent park experiences for everyone. You can enjoy walking the nature trails of Covina through the Kahler Russell Park, or Jobe’s Glen. Take in some beautiful gardens at Covina Park. Admire the Wall of Honor and other Historical Murals at Covina Park. Jobe’s Glenn also offers World War II statues and monuments for guests to visit. If you are more active, you can join the community in taking a Jog, or throw a few horseshoes, play a round of tennis, and let the kids play on the playground at Covina Park. Covina is a great place to visit, and one that offers a lot of family filled attractions for a relaxing and casually enjoying the areas around Los Angeles.