Claremont Museum of Art

A tribute to the artistic communities of California, the Museum of art in Claremont was incorporated in 2004, and on the record functioned successfully for half a decade from 2010-2015 as an exquisite museum without walls. Hundreds of members and volunteers make up this organization which is known to hold fascinating and bold exhibits in borrowed or rented spaces. In December of 2015, the Claremont Museum of Art entered into a city lease and began the undertaking of careful renovation at the old historical Claremont Depot. This Museum of art now has a physical location in an interesting historical building for the art connoisseur to enjoy. Claremont’s social history, community, and heritage are renown for its art. In fact, it was once warmly known as the art mecca, in the popular art cultures of the mid-twentieth century. Claremont’s art history has long been a valuable part of the culture within the community of Claremont; additionally, other art communities in California as well as other places have revered the art within Claremont. The mission of the Claremont Art Museum is one that not only preserves the historical position of the art within the community but also maintains the dedication to supporting a new art scene; With rotating temporary art exhibitions and historical permanent exhibits, the museum serves also as a forum for new emerging artists to display their work.

Increasing the awareness and preservation of art within the community, you will find exhibits of a large variety of arts to satisfy your senses. From many various styles of paintings to ceramic and wood arts, and impressive sculptures, the exhibits on display at the Claremont Museum of art cater to meet a variety of art styles and preferences. The museum also is an important and educational community resource for the schools in California. They are a valuable asset in keeping art alive, in collaboration with public schools and universities as art education programs fade within the community system of public education. Some of the educational programs they offer are; ProjectArtstArt, Artipix, and even art-focused activities for the family.

With tributes to impressive artists throughout time, this museum is an integral part of Californian culture and community. Admission information is not published, though it is possible the admission varies by featured exhibitions. If you are a resident of Claremont, you might be pleased to know that in 2009 free admission for Claremont residents was announced, however, it is not clear if this is still available we like to remain optimistic. Though they are in a contract with the city in leasing and renovating the Claremont depot, due to environmental factors they are once again operating as a museum without walls, according to their phone recording and Facebook page. This doesn’t appear to impact them at all as they remain very active in the art societies. The Claremont Museum of Art still features big names in art, new art concepts, incredible art pieces for your admiration, and continues their support to the emerging artists of the community. This adult and family friendly Museum is one we are sure you will enjoy visiting. With different exhibits to explore, we can still appreciate them for many reasons as they still continue their work in as an educational resource for the public.

Address: 536 W 1st St, Claremont, CA 91711