dA Center for the Arts

A well-rounded organization for the appreciation of the wide range of arts available in the community is the dA Center for the Arts. This renown, not for profit art organization has been around since about the end of the 1970’s and is located in Pomona, California. In a 12,000 sqft building at 252 D South Main Street, you can expect to find a comfortable tribute to a variety of diverse and newly emerging as well as traditional art skills and talents.

Visiting this popular center for the arts, you will find it features a generous gallery displaying a wide variety of the different styles of art in the exhibits. The Center also offers a large array of classes and workshops designed to meet all levels of expression in the art world’s limitless possibilities of creativity; providing a hub for aspiring artists and growing talent through events that include painting, drawing, collage, music, theater, poetry, and acting. This sort of artistic diversity is perfect for supporting and promoting the development of all types of artistic talents to display their skills and work.

The dA Center for the Arts is a popular venue which frequently holds a generous schedule of concerts in efforts to maintain and support the music arts, as well as the musical artists in the California community.
It has a growing list of performances featuring incredibly talented artists of a variety of music styles which fill the event calendar. Admission for concerts is typically a small donation for most events with an average of $5 per person, or more for some events. The dA Center for the Arts is also a popular location for musicians to record their music videos. The start of the 21st Century, Shrimper Records celebrated their 20th Year anniversary there with a huge music event, featuring several bands from the area, and bringing in supporters and musical artists from all over California, including Franklin Bruno, Desperation Squad, and other talented music guests.

You can find interesting exhibits on display at any given time that you visit. Some art exhibitions that have been featured at the dA Center for the Arts, include the art of Captain Dan and His “Collection of rare Curiosities” – a provoking display of fascinating artifacts, as these pieces of art were chosen carefully by Captain Dan. Other events include the very popular Simply Red Exhibition, and Pomona Unified School District’s exhibitions of the emerging artists, as well as the Watercolor Competition Exhibition by Pomona High School. The building also serves as a storefront for artists to showcase their unique abilities that are available for purchase.

The Center holds space for the literature arts as well, with events catered to writing and writing arts. It also brings a strong theater influence, geared towards supporting the acting arts. The dA Center is a valuable resource that is involved within the community, as they continue their mission to support the very diverse artistic culture which flourishes under active resources for awareness and education; reaching out the children and adults by hosting events and workshops supporting the art scene. It is family friendly sophisticated, and fun space to visit that we are sure that both locals and tourists can appreciate.

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Address: 252 S Main St, Pomona, CA 91766

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