Gallery 825

An extension of the non-profit Los Angeles Art Association, Gallery 825 was voted best of Los Angeles in 2015 and is known presently as the best gallery to see Los Angeles artists. The gallery was purchased in 1958 and is located in the center of Los Angeles on North La Cienega Boulevard. Gallery 825 and the Los Angeles Art Association collaborate to provide artists in the Los Angeles area a professional hub to show their creative work.

Gallery 825

With an impressive four individual gallery spaces, the Los Angeles Art Association utilizes the space in Gallery 825 to brilliantly host four individual specific programs at the same time. The North Gallery in the building hosts shows decided by the many members of the art community of Los Angeles, including the curators, building owners, artists, and critics who also vote for what is featured in the main gallery.

The other three galleries; the South, the Center, the Wurdemann hold exhibitions for solo Los Angeles artists.

The Los Angeles Art Association founded in 1925 is one of the oldest known art associations, and has been featured in the Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Time, West Hollywood Lifestyle, and other major media publications including ABC network. It is a renown forum which displays many styles in rotation in the galleries. The LAAA provides exceptional art exhibitions, educational forums and lectures, workshops, and serves artists of all mediums and cultures within the Los Angeles community. The LAAA once named the Museum Patron’s Association has seen many big names come through the art scene and has featured thousands of diverse California artists. Founders of the Los Angeles Art Association include celebrated names and civic leaders, who went on later to have roles in the establishment of other important art hubs, such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Otis Art Institute. Popular and internationally known artist, Lorser Feitelson served as one of LAAA’s directors for several years, and was also the host of the NBC show “Art in our Times”. If you are looking for a rewarding experience in a highly reputed art gallery, it is a must to visit Gallery 825. Primarily the gallery functions as a showcase hub for artists and their work, the LAAA collaborates with other art associations, art museums, and new emerging non-profit art organizations; working to educate other art-focused organizations in an effort to support art, spread awareness of the creative culture in Los Angeles, and educate the communities in California. Gallery 825 is available for rental and hosting special events. You may rent over 2,000 sqft of space for your wedding reception, special parties, filming events, or other special gatherings. Whether you are local or visiting the area, if you enjoy art – you must pay a visit to LAAA Gallery 825. Gallery 825 is an exquisite place to enjoy the finest collections of art, and explore the extremely talented artists and the many creative expressions of the

Los Angeles community. The exhibits on display are truly some of the best California has to offer.