Huntington Library

If you are looking for one of the world’s greatest libraries packed with culture rich information, or one of the most impressive research centers available in the United States, the Huntington Library is the place to go. Founded in 1919 by Henry E. Huntington it is a private not for profit institution that caters to people of all ages.


huntington library

The Huntington Library is an extraordinary institution, that holds a generous and unique collection of some of the rarest American and British pieces of literature including books and manuscripts. Noted as one of the most complete and largest research libraries in the United States, the resources available to the public and scholars through this library, is remarkable. It is reputed, that the Library holds more than 6 million items for viewing.

The grounds at the Huntington Library offer a natural exhibition of vibrant and lush colors, available to tour through its 120-acre botanical gardens. The gardens at Huntington contain more than a dozen unique and special horticultural attractions. The most popular collections in the botanical gardens, include the Desert Garden, the Japanese & Chinese themed gardens, and the fragrant Rose Garden. The site also hosts a children’s garden, and an active botanical education center which serves to educate people of all ages on the fundamentals of botany within the community. The botanical garden at Huntington Library also features a conservatory for children to explore, which captivates the minds of adolescence through natural sciences.

Education and research are a primary focus of the Huntington Institution. From all around the world, many Scholars flock to this research center for its generous humanities collection to conduct their most important research projects. Scholars who applied themselves in research through the extensive resources of the Huntington Library, and other major Academic pursuits have led to books listed as bestsellers, Pulitzer Prizes, many accredited documentaries, and acclaimed films. Additionally, the research center at Huntington has helped bring about the development of many important textbooks widely used in schools throughout America. The Huntington Library also awards on average 120 grants to advancing scholars in the important fields of history, the arts, literature, and more.

While many visitors flock to the Huntington Library for its famed collection of books and resources, or its attractive botanical gardens; the institution also boasts a very distinguished and well-maintained collection of art available for viewing in three separate galleries on the property. A tribute to the art world, the galleries feature a comprehensive variety of art styles. With timeless character through its classic and permanent exhibits, the Huntington galleries contain many famed pieces of art, and is reputed as one of the most comprehensive collections of American, British and French art available on display in the United States.  Taking a tour of the galleries you can view the renown Blue Boy by Gainsborough, and Breakfast in Bed by Mary Cassatt, just to name a few of the famous pieces in the Huntington Library’s art galleries.

The grounds at Huntington Library also offer the fascinating history of its founders, a coffee shop, café and tea room for relaxing, with plenty of reasons to bring your camera. Admission costs range $23-$25 for adults, $19-$21 for seniors and students, $10 for kids aged 4-11 years, and children under 4 are admitted free. The Huntington Library which is rich in history, and culture, is easily appreciated by all ages. This family-friendly attraction will keep you busy all day long and is a must see for anyone visiting the Los Angeles area.