Made up of the areas south of Fountain Avenue and north of Willoughby, between Fairfax and La Brea, the Eastside is often viewed as the ugly stepchild of the more trendy areas of the city. In recent years this area is catching up, more and more restaurants and entertenment areas are opening up.

This area used to have large Russian population, but most Russians slowly moving to North Hollywood to save money on rent or get bigger place to live.

The Eastside dates back to the 1870s, when Captain Eugenio Plummer built a six-room adobe-style house on his large ranchero, which extended all the way to what is now the Hollywood Bowl.
Plummer gradually sold off parcels of his land and allowed his backyard to be used as a community park where a dance pavilion and barbeque pits once stood.
Today, Plummer Park still plays a central part in the lives of many residents, much more so than the parks in other areas of town. Lots of people meet in this park during day to play basketball, tennis or chess. This was one of favorite places for Russian grandpa’s to meet and play chess.

Despite many ugly apartment buildings, the area also has quite a few historic single-family homes tucked away on the tree-lined streets.