Chinese Theater Hollywood

chinese theater hollywood

One of the most famous and dazzling attractions that you will ever experience is the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Sid Grauman first opened the theatre on May 18, 1927, with an exclusive invitation for celebrities only. The next day it was opened to the public. A distinguished and unique attraction, the theatre was previously located in downtown Los Angeles, however, Grauman wanted something more extravagant. With a total bill of 2 million dollars, and 18 months of construction Grauman’s dream theatre opened. It stands today, an authentic Hollywood Museum experience.

Careful attention to detail went into the Chinese Theatre. Grauman had to request authorization from the United States government in order to import the statues, authentic pagodas, bells, and many other important Chinese artefacts that make the Chinese Theatre special. Inside, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre boasts a generous stage, Wurlitzer organ, orchestra box, 40-foot-high walls, large fountains, impressive artistic appeal, and the literally imprinted memories cemented of Hollywood’s most elite celebrities.

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Officially listed as a historical landmark in Los Angeles in 1968, more than 4 million people have paid a visit to the famed theatre, which still today offers a world-class theatre experience. In order to keep the legacy alive, many renovations have taken place at the theatre, but most of the original features remain. The Famous Chinese Theatre is also now in partnership with TCL -otherwise known as The Creative Life since 2013 in order to keep the traditions of the famous Theatre preserved and functioning well into the future.

Dubbed “Movie Palace of the Stars”, you can take a VIP Tour to see all the prints, pictures and history of the biggest stars past and present; and watch a movie in first class fashion. The Chinese Theatre seats more than 900 people and now boasts one of the largest IMAX screens in the world, and is the only theatre to experience laser-projection IMAX in California. Not surprisingly, the reviews are nothing short of five stars. The only place in California that brings you the enjoyment of the newest movie viewing technology available and the historical enchantment of the distinguished history in place.

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Admission prices vary by show. VIP Tours are provided 7 days a week. Reservations are encouraged for popular shows or events in order to ensure your preference in seating. The Chinese Theatre Hollywood still holds many regular and special events. Imprinting events or premier events bring more new and big name Celebrities to Theatre annually. Crowds of guest visitors and fans line the red carpet just to get a real life glimpse of the stars during special events. The stunning Grauman’s ballroom is a spacious, glamorous venue for your special occasion or event. If you are visiting Los Angeles, you simply can’t afford to miss the chance- of a once in a lifetime experience in the magic and history of the famous Chinese Theatre Hollywood. It has believed that visiting Los Angeles and not experiencing The Chinese Theatre, would as criminal as going to China, and never experiencing The Great Wall.