JPL Open House – Part 2

You probably read the first part about the jpl

Jpl Open House Part 1

12. Universe Plaza: Discovering New Worlds

13. Spacecraft Assembly Facility
JPL’s largest “clean room” is a super-fastidious environment where JPL spacecraft and instruments have been assembled and tested. The Juno was created here as well. Currently room looks empty, but when new project will start it will be full of people in their clean suits.




14. Spacecraft Fabrication Facility
This room has all cool machinery which works with metal.





15. Mobility and Robotic Technologies
This place was full of rovers and other robots for current and future space missions.

16. Alien Worlds: The Search for Life Among the Stars – nice short movie

17. 20 Years of Discovering Alien Worlds Video

18. Solar System Exploration

19. Microdevices Laboratory


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